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Welcome to our REALTOR® family! Membership requires that your office have a 9 digit National Realtor® Database System (NRDS) identifying number.  

Important Information to Know about your Office NRDS Number:

1) Your Office NRDS number is specific to your offfice and should not be shared with anyone.  

2) Your Office NRDS number stays in the system for life! Even if your office has closed your Office NRDS number will remain in INACTIVE status until it is activated again. 

3) Your Office NRDS number transfers with you wherever you go. If your office becomes Primary or Secondary to any other association in the U.S. - that Office NRDS number travels. 

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Thank you for choosing Springfield REALTORS® in Lane County, Oregon as your new association home for your OFFICE!

 Springfield REALTORS® is a local association of the National Association of REALTORS® (the world’s largest professional association). We provide services and resources to licensed real estate Brokers, Principal Broker, Appraisers, and affiliated service industries such as mortgage, title, and escrow.

Springfield REALTORS® is committed to our members and promises to always put our membership first. 

Mission Statement

Springfield REALTORS'S ® mission is to be a viable dedicated organization that fulfills the needs of its members and the objectives of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Oregon REALTORS®.  To encourage and foster high ethical standards in our profession, and to strive towards educating the community of the benefits a REALTOR® can provide.  We are committed to promote, preserve and advocate for property rights of our community through effective education and advocacy. Springfield REALTORS® maintains robust political relationships with our local, state, and federal officials in order to promote responsible policy. This positions our members to be the voice for real estate issues in Lane County and beyond.

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